Teachings by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche III (Sangye Pema Sheypa) before Chimed Tsogtik empowerment at the Hong Kong Vajrayana Esoteric Society on 6th May 2019

Before I give the transmission, I would like to talk about the entire Dudjom lineage and my connections with the Hong Kong Vajrayana Esoteric Society. Since I was enthroned till now, my root master is always H. H. Chadral Rinpoche. He as the dharma friend of H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche (II) and also took up the role of regent Guru. I kept following him and due to his teaching, I completed the Three Year Three Root retreat. During that time, I always heard of disciples of H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche (II) in China and abroad, including the name of the most important lineage holder Guru Lau (Yui-Chi). That’s why I always longed for meeting him. But due to my inadequacy of merit, I was unable to do so, but I always have in mind the Hong Kong Vajrayana Esoteric Society, the lineage centre he established, and I wish that I could come one day to this Dudjom centre, join its activities and meet you all. But due to various reasons, such a visit cannot be arranged till now. Now, with all the favourable circumstances I come to Hong Kong. In addition, Guru Lai (Yat-Kwong) deliberately went to Shenzhen to meet me earlier, requesting me to visit the Society. I said, that’s good, I will surely come. But still we have to look for the right time and circumstance. A couple of days earlier, I came to Hong Kong to hold dharma gatherings, so today I have the chance to visit the Society, which I feel very happy and delighted, because we belong to the same lineage. So what do I represent? I represent H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche (II). Obviously I think I cannot…… my knowledge, meditation and practice are far behind those of the First and the Second (Dudjom Rinpoches), I just adopt their names, but since I represent the entire Dudjom lineage, I should come here to meet you all, since we are in the same lineage, having the same samaya. So I think this is very important.

Guru Lai (Yat-Kwong) deliberately went to Shenzhen to meet the highly esteemed H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche III (Sangye Pema Sheypa) in Shenzhen.

H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche III (Sangye Pema Sheypa) is very considerate, and holding Guru Lai (Yat-Kwong)’s hands tenderly.

Before Chimed Tsogtik empowerment at the Hong Kong Vajrayana Esoteric Society on 6th May 2019, the Hong Kong Vajrayana Esoteric Society banquests the highly esteemed H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche III (Sangye Pema Sheypa)  in the Michelin two-starred Shang Palace main dining hall in Island Shangrila, Hong Kong.

Now let me talk about origin of transmitting Chimed Tsogtik. There are certainly many long life practices in our Dudjom lineage, many such tantra practice, like the white Amitabha, Dakini long life practice, lotus long life secret practice. But I think Chimed Tsogtik is very special and an very important one. It combines root empowerment with long life empowerment, which differs from general long life practices, which are sort of empowerment for connection. What is empowerment for connection? It is empowerment within the vase and secret empowerments, so in general does not concern a lot of actual practices, and they does not involve samayas too, which is relatively simple.

This Chimed Tsogtik empowerment includes the five powers of body, speech, mind, wisdom and activity, receiving these five blessings. How to receive them? First of all, the guru have to arrange the mandala, perform visualization, chant mantras, the extract these activity substances through actual practice, then the Guru has to provoke the deities before bestowing the empowerment. There should not be one step wrong, that’s very important. Then, after receiving the empowerment, you are entrusted with the right to practice the development and completion stages of Chimed Tsogtik. I believe that all of you have already learned and performed these practices, there is no need for me to repeat, but since I think this is something of importance, I tell you these briefly once again here.

But what kind of practice is it? As for Dudjom lineage, it comes from Guru Lai, his master Guru Lau, Dudjom Rinpoche (II), his Guru Gyurme Ngedon Wangpo, Dudjom Lingpa… All these blood, lineage passed from one generation to the next. The value of lineage is very important. No that some disciples can say freely that I have lineage, I can also give empowerments or transmissions. If one really have the attainment, possessing bodhicitta, a heart to benefit sentient beings, if he is really powerful and strong, with fulfilment of practices, it is possible that he can become a master. But in general, these masters should be assigned by the lineage master. Not that anyone can freely say that I can give empowerments and teachings. I take this opportunity to tell you, the Vajrayana Esoteric Society got approval from H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche (II), and His Sangyam Rigdzin Wangmo, also on the behalf of Guru Lau, entrusted Lama Choying Osel (Guru Lai) with the lineage. I wish to let you know the entire lineage, no matter Narag Dungtruk (Great Magic Net), Vajrasattva (Dorje Sempa) or Ngondro – Ngondro is most important – it is the foundation of actual practice. Lama Choying Osel (Guru Lai) are entrusted with all these. That’s why lineage is very important. I trust that you know all these, just take this opportunity to tell you once again.

From my personal point of view, I don’t request a lot of disciples, disciples everywhere. I look for the quality of practice, hoping everyone possessing the right bodhicitta, that’s very important. Since in this deteriorating age, it is very valuable to have unfailing trust in Buddhist teachings, in the Three Jewels and in the Guru. This is very important, which also the most important root samaya of Vajrayana, which is the Guru samaya. What is meant of the Guru samaya? One should not be contemptuous to the Guru, respect the Guru and continue this spirit. In this way, your practice and received teaching won’t let Guru masters down, won’t let yourself down with all those tantra practices, no matter empowerment, oral instructions or pith instructions. This is very important, you should shoulder all these responsibilities.

For instance, there are those who came across Buddhism for worldly pursue like wealth, fortune or health, attracted by these skillful means rather than going for practices aiming at liberation. Just like in our Dudjom lineage, we have a lot of such practices like Urgyen Norlha, Urgyen Menla, these are beneficial to sentient beings nowadays. They began with such intentions and gradually get in touch with the lineage, eventually understand the ultimate happiness is enlightenment. So they approach Buddhism at first with a simple intention, gradually obtained an unfailing trust. This is normal since the Dudjom lineage is short rather than long lineage. What is short lineage? It contains just a few and not many generations. What’s wrong with many generations? In fact I cannot say there is fault or is problematic. But for long transmission, there is a possibility of having unclean samaya in between. But that doesn’t happen in short lineage, and therefore its blessing is powerful just like a loaf of bread or bun just baked, it is still hot. When we take them hot it is the most tasty, fragrant and sweet. The Dudjom lineage is just like the just baked bread, in our terms is like the breath of the Dakini, still warm, not vapourised in the air. That’s very important. My own attitude is the same, it is very fortunate to be connected with the Dudjom lineage and practice accordingly. Hope that everyone of us work hard in this.

Guru Lai (Yat-Kwong) represents all the Vajrayana disciples offering hada and the mandala to the highly esteemed H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche III (Sangye Pema Sheypa) in the Hong Kong Vajrayana Esoteric Society before Chimed Tsogtik empowerment.

The highly esteemed H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche III (Sangye Pema Sheypa) holds the Chimed Tsogtik empowerment transmission in the Hong Kong Vajrayana Esoteric Society.

The highly esteemed H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche III (Sangye Pema Sheypa) holds the Chimed Tsogtik empowerment transmission in the Hong Kong Vajrayana Esoteric Society.

Guru Lai (Yat-Kwong) says farewell the highly esteemed H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche III (Sangye Pema Sheypa) who is very delighted then in Hong Kong airport.